DigiTake ReCall is a portable unit that can create complete and accurate records of your proceedings on-site. The self-contained unit allows users to record, create annotation and store the proceedings without the need for computer expertise or sound engineering knowledge.

DigiTake ReCall is designed for immediate operation and is easy to use. Users can access a full recording of the proceedings immediately after the proceedings have ended.

DigiTake ReCall allows you to listen back to the recording in your own time


and select only the areas of the proceedings you deem necessary to be transcribed. This allows you to cut the cost of hiring a stenographer for the entire duration of the hearing. DigiTake ReCall also enables users to create a CD-ROM of the proceedings immediately after the proceedings have ended for distribution to relevant parties or for archiving purposes.

DigiTake ReCall is a portable, self-contained unit that requires no extra investment in hardware or software. It is a flexible system that can be modified to suit each individual situation.