DigiTake offer the complete solution to recording hearings with a minimum of effort and cost. The DigiTake system allows you to easily record, create annotation and playback files thus obtaining a full record of a hearing at a fraction of the cost of a stenography-based system.
This facility ensures that there is credible backup of the hearing in the advent of judicial proceedings. Our software operates by recording the proceedings to computer hard disc. It creates an automatic archive of your proceedings to your computer hard drive. Digitally recording your proceeding offers users a number of advantages such as the ability to burn


the content of a days hearing to CD-ROM disc, to send the proceedings or part of the proceedings via e-mail or to upload the prcoeedings to a network within minutes of the ending of proceedings.
Instant access and portability of digital quality sound allows the planning inspector to write up their reports as they go.
The DigiTake recording solution is a reliable, cost effective and accurate method of recording and archiving proceedings that are of an official nature and as such may be subject to discovery or review.